At deSiu we believe that all our products must be consistent and ‘fit-for-purpose’ so that our creatives and customers retain maximum value. We incorporate the highest possible standards for quality and safety throughout the supply chain – from manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Additionally, we constantly liaise with Trinidad and Tobago’s Bureau of Standards, CARIRI and the Manufacturers’ Association to remain abreast with the latest national standards and development. This ensures that our customers receive high-quality, long-lasting products that meet our desired level of excellence.

Our Reusable cloth masks offer non-medical grade protection and have been developed in keeping with the best-practice guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organisation (WHO), and Trinidad and Tobago draft standards for reusable barrier masks. Cloth masks do not guarantee protection against the COVID-19 virus. However, when worn correctly in tandem with physical distancing, they can prevent the transmission of cough droplets. A deSiu mask features double layers (inner 100% cotton/ outer 100% polyester) with a PM2.5 activated carbon filter insert as well as adjustable polyester ear-loops and adjustable wire nose bridge.

The printed design of a deSiu mask ensures that the spacing of the fabric is not blocked and that its functionality is maintained. Our inks are handled with care and are certified as human-safe. Our creatives produce high-resolution designs which ensure crisp, clean artwork is transferred to the masks. 

Small Pocket
Small PM2.5
Medium PM2.5
Large PM2.5


The flexible nose clips and adjustable polyester ear loops included on our custom-cut masks allow your mask to be comfortably worn without compromising its integrity.


Dual layers of 100% polyester and 100% cotton combine to provide a lightweight, breathable barrier against oral droplets. When combined with the five-layer PM 2.5 activated carbon filter, your mask protects the respiratory tract against Sahara dust, pollen, automobile exhausts, particulates, and aerosols.


Our printing process does not block the pores of the fabric and will not crack, peel or fade.


deSiu also offers original designed masks to suit any wardrobe or occasion.


To maintain maximum quality, our recommended General Use and Care is as follows:

o    Select the size most appropriate for your face

      (see chart).

o    Sanitize hands before handling the mask. 

o    Securely cover the nose and chin.

      Adjust the ear loops and nose clip to ensure snug fit.

o    Do not wear wet or visibly soiled masks. 

o    Interchange masks every 4-6 hours.

o    Place mask in resealable bag when not in use.

o    Remove nose clip and rubber stoppers before


o    Wash in HOT water (60oC/140oF); tumble dry.

      Warm Iron if needed. 

o    Replace filter every 24 hours.

o    Do not wash/reuse filters.