DeSiu is a lifestyle brand for those who believe in their individuality and the value of creative expression. Our mission is to support the creative economy of Trinidad and Tobago – by giving creatives, artists, and world-shapers an avenue to make profit from their passions, and by providing people with a ‘canvas’ to discover their own unique creativity and style.

Formally established in 2020 as “DeSiu Manufacturing and Trading Company”, the company sought to form a bridge between the creative industries hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunity to elevate mandatory cloth face masks into works of art. Through profit-sharing agreements, we partner creatives to promoting their content and brand through high-quality, affordable masks for their supporters. Likewise, we employ local graphic designers and artists to create bespoke designs for individuals and companies that desire function and fashion.


DeSiu uses an advanced technique that allows for photo-realistic dyeing of our masks and enables a level of versatility unmatched by traditional screen-printing, heat transfer and embroidery. The dyeing of cloth ensures that the spacing of the fabric is not blocked and that its functionality is maintained. The possibilities are limited only by imagination.

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Small PM2.5
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Large PM2.5

In 2021, DeSiu also expanded its product range to include bar-mats and game mats to support local gaming communities.


Vision Statement

A world where individuality, creativity and passions are worn proudly, and creatives can live off of their art.


Mission Statement

To support the creative economy of Trinidad and Tobago - by giving creatives, artists, and world-shapers an avenue to make profit from their passions, and by giving people a ‘canvas’ to discover their unique creativity and style. 


Core Behaviours

1.     Put our creatives and customers first.

We will understand the issues that matter most to our creatives and customers and prioritize the long-term value for them when making important decisions. Decisions will balance the needs and interests of our creators, customers, and company. 


2.     Put function ahead of fashion.

We will produce clean, safe, and fashionable apparel that gives the best-possible breathing protection. We will adopt the latest innovations without compromising quality and affordability of our products.


3.     Take initiative. 

We will be biased towards acting and reiteration over perfection and over-thinking. We will contemplate the best ways of getting things done before acting but recognize as well that experience is the best teacher.

4.     Cultivate Inclusion.

We will build a diverse team and incorporate the ideas of people from different walks of life. We will show empathy for others and seek to learn about how others see the world. We will operate in a manner that cultivates creativity and mutual respect.

5.     Stay above board.

We will honour the spirit and language of the law and will conduct open and fair business activities. We will respect the culture and customs of all regions touched by our value-chain, and will contribute to social and economic development in those areas.


6.     Pursue Ambitious Outcomes

We will prioritize outcomes over outputs. We will set, measure, and strive towards goals slightly above what feels comfortable with tenacity. We will work efficiently to get results that matter to our creatives, customers and company’s mission.


Why NOT Core Values


Our culture is a company is a collection of repeated behaviours; the way we treat each other, our customers, and our creatives. Instead of listing values and hope that the DeSiu family adopts behaviours that match, we opt to make it perfectly clear the essential actions we wish all to follow. Without ambiguity present, we are assured that our culture will remain clear and strong.